Sunday, October 21, 2012

T Minus 2 days

I am working, working, working to get ready for conferences. I feel like my past week has been packed. I lived at the hospital for a few days with lovely husband, which meant no work getting done.
I'm okay with that though. We just cuddled in bed with our baby boy, and watched movies.
Last week at school we started doing nocturnal animals. We looked at owls, and began looking at bats. Since I left school early Thursday to get hubby to the hospital, and didn't go to school Friday, we didn't get much done with bats.
We are going to continue looking at bats these next two days before conferences.
So we read tons of books, both fiction and non fiction, about owls. I then introduced graphic organizers. We organized what we learned about owls. We are going to be making an OWL book this week. Owls are, can, and have. I will give this to their parents at P/T conferences.
Anyways- they learned so much about owls!
So proud of them :)
Each day when we do calendar-- we talk about how many days we've been in school which means that they are that many days smarter. :)
And let me leave you with this picture of my precious baby boy

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