Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Loving Fall

I love warm weather, but I am really loving this "beginning of fall" weather as well. I love the brisk air. It was just absolutely beautiful today.  :)

We are working like crazy to get our kiddo's tested for the end of the first quarter. I CAN NOT believe we are already done with the first nine weeks of school. WHAT?! I feel like every spare second I have I'm calling another student back to have them count for me, or identify numbers, etc. Can't wait for this testing to be done so we can do some fun fall activities!

One of my kiddo's moms made my lovely hubby and baby boy matching hats! CUTEST thing ever. Just look at them:
Love my little family.
Anyways, I'm working on making a hidden pictures activity. I realize how much practice with numbers first graders need in order to keep them fresh in their head. I'm trying to think of new activities all the time to do with them.
I'll post them as soon as I'm done! Maybe I'll give a few away for free. :)
Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

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